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1. How do you provide scholarships to the students?

We provide online scholarships to the students.

2. Why do you provide scholarships?

We provide scholarships to help the students financially and endow with ample knowledge for the betterment of their future.

3. Where do I start or how do I start?

You can start with knowing more about us. For that you can go onto the page scorepaisa.com

4. Do I have to register to view the details in the website?

No, you don’t have to register to view the details, instead you can just go onto the page by clicking on the link http://scorepaisa.com/

5. What if I want to apply?

In that case, you have to go onto the page Apply Now and get yourself enrolled with Score Paisa. Click on the link provided:


6. I lost my password- how do I login?

Click the Forgotten Password button and you will be redirected to the linked mobile no or email address, where you are provided with an OTP on your mobile or email, through which you can get access to your account by changing the password.

7. How about changing my password?

When you login to your account, on the extreme right-top, you will find My Profile. Click on it and there you will find the option of changing the password, you can easily update a new password.

8. I recently changed my email address, how do I update on my Score Paisa profile?

In that case you have to contact the Admin as it cannot be updated from your end.

10. How legitimate your concept is since you are not an educational institute?

We are not an educational Institute but we provide Real Time examination pattern.

9. Does Score Paisa have opportunities for an average student?

Yes, of course. It is a common platform for all the students whether they are in school, college or preparing for government jobs or any other entrance exams.

11. Are the exams conducted on a daily basis or weekly?

The exams are conducted on a weekly basis.

12. If a student fills the examination form, so do you send reminder to the student regarding his scheduled exam?

As soon as you submit your examination form, all the details regarding the exam are sent to you via SMS and Email.

13. If the student got late for his exam, then what happens?

Let’s assume you got late by 10 minutes and the exam is of 30 minutes, then the time you start your exam, the time remaining for you is 20 minutes.

14. What are the payment methods for the students?

Students can pay via online payment as well as they can pay by cash in their institute.

15. If the student is not having his own bank account, so could he use the bank details of his father?

Yes, the student has to use his own ID like, Pan Card, Voter ID for his verification and he can use the bank account details of anyone he wish to use.

16. If the student or any of his family member does not have debit/credit card, and from different city, how he is going to pay or receive the scholarship?

In that case he has to contact his institute.

17. Do you accept demand drafts?

No, we don’t accept demand drafts.

18. Due to any reason the student is not able to sit in his scheduled exam; will the exam fee be refunded?

The examination fee is non-refundable.

19. You would have heard of scholarship scams, what makes Score Paisa a genuine online scholarship and examination portal?

The evaluation done is on real time and the student can see all the details precisely when he login to his account. As it is an instant scholarship and instant result platform, as soon as the exam is submitted, results are declared and scholarship amount is visible according to the rank in the student’s E-Wallet.

20. Being an institute, I have students from class 9th to 12th; do the practice papers and the exams match the syllabus in schools?

While creating the examinations and practice papers, we keep relevancy of the syllabus in mind.

21. If a child is not having any student ID then is he allowed sitting in the exam on the basis of his own ID proof?

He should have his ID proof for the verification and should be enrolled into an education institute.

22. What are the languages used in examination?

Languages used are Hindi, English and Urdu.

23. Do you have practice papers for every subject and in what time period they get updated?

Yes, we have practice papers for all the subjects mentioned in the list and they get updated weekly.

24. Are the practice papers available offline as many students do not have access to the internet and computers?

At present, the offline papers are not available but as a matter of fact, we are working on it.

25. Are the practice papers relevant to the school and competitive syllabus?

We are a common examination platform and we provide a summation of exams, it is you who has to choose on your preference.

26. Do you have practice papers?

Yes, we provide free of cost practice papers.